Today’s Peek is not the same as the studio we started 35 years ago. We have evolved from traditional advertising photographers to an all-round image production house. With photography as our solid base. In addition, we create film, computer-generated imagery and (3D) animations. Our company has grown, and so have our customers. We count a couple of big, international names among our clients these days! And for each and every one of them, we aim to make great work. It is only fitting this development and ambition to adapt our corporate identity as well. We are very proud of it!
And there is more. Starting October 1st, 2017, Peek has a photography hub in downtown Amsterdam. Our Amsterdam-based clients can, if so desired, be serviced from our studio in the Utrechtsedwarsstraat 30A. Our studio here may be small and cosy, it is fully equipped for product, model and food photography. You’re most welcome to pay us a visit!