Here it is. The first EyesPeek magazine. Why an ‘old-fashioned’ printed magazine, you ask? Because we want your eyes to be glued to the pages, rather than to your computer screen. We want you to take time to soak it up, relaxing on your couch, with a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee. We like to make a lasting impression…
Flipping through the pages, you will find out that we have evolved from a traditional advertising photography studio into a full-service producer of (moving) images, in the broadest sense. We’re still photographing, yes, but we are combining this craft with filming, making animations and using CGI. All under the same roof.
EyesPeek illustrates the full range of what Peek can do, and what we are proud of. It offers you, the reader, the opportunity to get to know Peek, and all of its talents, better. Explore our work and enjoy!