Amstel Radler

Over the past few years Radler has become a beverage staple. Its refreshing flavours are becoming increasingly popular, and Sunshine & Sausages (Amstel Radler’s agency) asked us to develop the most refreshing visuals imaginable. If this does not make you thirsty, we do not know what else will …

CGI Loft

Our studio created a nice loft completely in CGI.


Sparkling water with a touch of fruit. The new Sourcy flavours introduced in print (magazines and outdoor). Concept and creation by vbat.

Trio Stout

New campaign visuals for UDB’s Trio Stout. Target audience is the African Market.
Total concept and creation by Peek.

De Zwaan

Awarded a Michelin Star, De Zwaan is Etten-Leur’s pride. For the various seasonal menus, we always come up with new visuals, together with the chef. A successful combination, that has worked for years, and allows us to push the boundaries of food photography again and again.

Duvel Tripel Hop Tasting Box

A new year, a new Duvel Tripel Hop. But this year, a complete box of all the six flavours is available. The consumer decides which one is the best. All bottles are unrecognizable for an honest, intense and pure taste.

Hoya Vision Care Barcelona sunshine

What better city to shoot then the sunny atmosphere of Barcelona?
Striking new campaign images for Hoya Vision Care!


New campaign images and a tv billboard for Wieckse.
Concept and creation by Sunshine and Sausages.