2 NEW Colleagues and 2 Trainees

Hi, my name is Fjorre Oostindie.

I am a 20 year old CGI artist from the Netherlands. I studied 3D art at Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam. Ever since I was introduced to 3D art in my first year of college its been a passion of mine, and I found great joy in working on it as a hobby. Since January I’ve been working at Peek Creative Studios. And so far its been a really positive experience. My hobbies besides CGI are skydiving (indoor and outdoor) and freerunning. This balances my life as I love making 3D projects and focussing to get every detail right but also love being outside and doing sports.


Hi there! I’m Joris Seghers, a 28 year old video-editor from Breda. I’ve only just started working here, but it already feels like I’m a part of the Peek family. On my first day, I was immediately asked what kind of music I like. I answered that I have a very broad taste in music and I’m happy I do. Thanks to my colleagues, I can now recommend some great Mongolian Metal bands… If you’d like of course 😉 

In my spare time I love to travel and do sports like running, cycling, climbing and ice skating. I think I can learn amazing new things at Peek and I am really looking forward to continuing working here. 

See you soon! 

Thijmen van Riet

Is enthusiastic and eager to learn person, trying new things in the studio. When he is not in the studio, he is actively engaged in sports and hanging out with friends. He is in his last year of his study at Sint Lucas Eindhoven and is now doing his internship here at Peek.

Vengar van de Wal

Hi my name is Vengar van de Wal, and I am an intern at Peek Creative Studios. 

I study Game Development at Sint Lucas Eindhoven. 

And I am currently exploring the usage of Unreal Engine to speed up the rendering process at Peek.